Orienteering Race in Agios Georgios Grevena 21/6/2015

National Orienteering Event
Open to international participation
Greek orienteering club
The place
The competition will be
held on June 21st  2015 in the
forest of Agios Georgios, Grevena. We are glad to welcome competitors from
different countries, newcomers and veterans. A challenging terrain is waiting
for you and also an exciting village is waiting for you after competition for
The event will be held
during the weekend 20 and 21st of
June 2015
in Agios Georgios (St George) Grevena, Macedonia, GREECE. The
Saturday, June 20 will be held seminar and possibly night event (if there are
enough participants) and Sunday, June 21 the

main orienteering event on ​​the hill
of St. Nicholas in St. George. Information: www.orienteering-greece.org and
mob. 6979851001.

The map
Part of the map has been
used in the past.Iit took two weeks of hard work on the field for renowned
mapmaker Georgi Chatzimitev to finish the map. The best orienteering map of
Greece is located in Agios Georgios Grevena! In 2010 the Prefect Kouptsidis
Demosthenes head of the county of Grevena participated in the race. The
perfection of the map might create problems for newcomers who are used to maps
of such quality.
The village of Agios
Georgios (St. George) is located 23 Km. north of Grevena. From Thessaloniki via
Egnatia is about 200 km. The distance is covered in 2-3 hours depending on the
speed of the driver. Exit Egnatia motorway via Siatista and follow the old
county road to Grevena. After Aliakmonas river turn right for Kokkinia then
Kivotos.  Within Kivotos village we turn
to Saint George. From Athens via Lamia, Karditsa, Trikala, Kalambaka it is
covered in about 5-6 hours. Immediately before entering Grevena we enter
Egnatia motorway towards Thessaloniki and and we exit the motorway for
TAXIARHIS, MILIA, KIVOTOS AGIOS GEORGIOS. From Ioannina (about 1.5 hours) we
follow the Egnatia motorway towards Thessaloniki and come to the same exit. For
those coming from Athens is the same route.
Greek Orienteering club of Thessaloniki
Drossos Vagelis
Inspector and Route planner:
Konstantinos Koukouris
Mapmaker: Georgi
Hadzhimitev (Bulgaria)
In standard conditions the
temperatures will be very hot.
We are proud to invite you to the first two Orienteering
competitions open to international competitions in Western Macedonia, Greece on
20th and 21st of June!
Saturday 20th of June 2015 Arrival,
registration, accomodation,
For those who wish to stay in a hotel they could do so in
one of the various hotels of the area.
Grevena (20 minutes):
– Ξενοδοχείο «Αίγλη» τηλ. 2462087120
– Ξενοδοχείο «Αχίλλειον» τηλ. 85600,85601
– Ξενοδοχείο «Μηλιώνης» τηλ. 2462023223
– Ξενοδοχείο «Μητρόπολις» τηλ. 2462028085,80571Siatista (15-20 minutes):
– Ξενοδοχείο «Αρχοντικό» τηλ. 2465021298
– Hotel «Ιβερίς» τηλ. 2465047054
– Traditional guest house «Σιατιστινό Αρχονταρίκι» τηλ. 2465047020
– Hotel «Σιάτιστα» τηλ. 2465047047Tsotili (15 minutes):
– Ξενώνας Καρούτα τηλ. 2468049025,49026
Manual system for punching control.  Sport Ident might be used as punching system.
Please write your SI-card number when registrating. All competitors take part
in the competition at their own risk. Organizer only provides basic medical
help at the Finish area. Competitors are not insured by organizer, also against
third persons. In case of cancellation due to facts beyond our control no
liability can be accepted. All participants agree with the publication of
photos taken during the event and also the results in internet. If you don´t
agree, please inform the organizers at your registration.  You are kindly asked to carefully read all
the organizer’s notes, including this.
limited space in front of the
castle or in the valley to the right before reaching the castle.
Three choices only for beginners, intermediate and
advanced. Rules are modified in order to accommodate the needs of newcomers to
the sport. Beginners’ course usually corresponds to 3 klm., intermediate course
usually corresponds to 4 klm. and advanced course usually corresponds to 5 klm.
Last year the courses were 2,5 for the beginners, 3,5 for the intermediate
course and 5,3 klm for the advanced. This year it will be much longer
From 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (strictly).
Deadline for participation: 1st of May 2012. If you expect from us to prepare properly then
you need to make up your mind early enough. The same principle applies abroad.
Classes: Open 1
(difficult), Open 2 (middle), Open 3 (beginners) Kids course (free of charge)
In case of too few entries, organizer keep the right to join the classes.
according to the entry deadlines and classes, as follows:
Entry until end of May 2015 is 15 euros for two events (10 euros for main
event). After 30th of May 2015 is 20 euros.  No entries will be accepted on the day of the
competition. The fee for local events is 15
if pre-booked at least by the end of May 2015. For children is 5
euros. There are special prices for families. For a family of four or five or
more people 20 euros only. For Balkan
orienteers there is a 33% reduction.
Fees include borrowing compass and
map, teaching orienteering skills for beginners,  replacement of lost equipment, certificate of
participation etc. Bank account No. 706-02101-178946. Konstantinos Koukouris IBAN: GR76
0140 7060 7060 0210
1178 946.
Alternatively you could send
an SMS to 6979851001. Your registration message to greekorienteering@hotmail.com should include your name, club, date of birth,
and route choice you would like to follow. Full return of the fee is allowed
until end of May 2015.
10th of June 2015.
Certificates of participation will be awarded to all participants. Medals will
be awarded for winners of long course.
Hello Orienteers, runners and
other interested people
We invite you all to
Agios Georgios to enjoy a traditional orienteering weekend for the whole
We have several services in
Agios Georgios 2011!
For example…
– Three orienteering
competition classes for beginners, average and advanced. Traditional
hospitality in local houses by local families.
– Children day care (during
competition days)
– Playground for children and
– Visit to the paleontological
– Archery competition
Entry to Agios Georgios
Orienteering Weekend 2015 has started!
If you have any questions
about our orienteering week (accommodation, arriving, competitions, other
things to do etc…) you can contact straight to our competition office,
accommodation office or personally to me (secretary general).

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